Windows Update – do you use it?

Windows Update is a program that automatically downloads and installs updates to your Windows programs. Some people don’t want it as they prefer to completely control what updates are installed on their computers – this CAN be a wise decision. Sometimes updates you install can cause your computer programs to not work properly.
However, USA Today writes o help distribute its most comprehensive security update ever for the Windows operating system, Microsoft is asking hundreds of millions of users to turn on a function called “automatic updates.”
It’s located in the “system” control panel, found by going to the “start” menu.
Users were likely given the option of turning on automatic updates when they first installed Windows XP, but many may have refused because they were concerned about giving Microsoft permission to automatically interact with their computers.
The company is now asking those who decided against it to reconsider, arguing that it is the quickest and least disruptive way to get big files like the security update onto your computer.