Yahoo: Trying to Be a Local Hero

Search Engines are the most popular way of finding information on the Internet. Most of the information has no geographic relevance – unless you use an online Yellow Pages or put in a specific query for a locaiton to a search engine.
However, search engines are now doing better and trying to give locally relevant results. Those searching for information get better results and busineses can get more customers or at least leads.

The Washington Post writes The search engine race continues to rev up as Yahoo and Microsoft try to surpass search king Google.
Yahoo is betting that search results tailored to the customer’s location will give it the edge. The company’s new test site “greatly improves the ability of users to find directions, maps and other information related to everything from restaurants to movie theaters to day spas,” Yahoo said, according to the Wall Street Journal. “Yahoo also has begun letting users rate and review businesses in their area through its local search site. The search results Yahoo provides include advertisements, called ‘sponsored results,’ for local businesses. Yahoo’s move comes as its competitors are increasing their focus on the local search market. Google Inc. in March introduced Google Local, which provides maps, directions and other information for local businesses to users searching for such information on the Google home page.”