All Windows E-Mail Clients Suck

Mitch Wagner of writes As I write this column, I’m trying to send an important e-mail. I’ve got Microsoft Outlook open in another window. Every once in a while, I Alt-Tab over to that window to see if the little hourglass has gone away. It’s been “hourglassing” for a few minutes now, and has done so many times this morning.

I’m currently using Outlook 2003, along with an add-on, called Nelson’s E-mail Organizer (NEO), for all my e-mail needs. Do not consider this an endorsement. Outlook and NEO suck, but as far as I can tell, they suck less than the other e-mail packages available for Windows.
For years, I happily switched between Eudora and an e-mail client called The Bat! Each package had problems. The Bat! had a kludgey, hard-to-use interface. Moreover, it didn’t handle multiple accounts gracefully. I have five e-mail accounts, and I need to apply the same e-mail handling rules for all of them. The only way to do that with The Bat (I’m not going to type that silly exclamation point any more), is to make five copies of the rule-sets, which is unwieldy, to say the least.
He goes on with his experience in using several email clients and how they all do not work that well. I agree. While some work better than others – all of them have some problems that make using them frustrating from time to time. I use Eudora and like it for its simplicity and being less prone to viruses.