Are you satisfied with your DSL provider?

If you’re not consider Verizon. In a Yankee Group study the telecom giant had top scores in in a broadband satisfaction study in the SMB space.
Small and medium-sized businesses that use broadband services have rated Verizon number one in customer satisfaction, according to a Yankee Group study released this month. In the report, Verizon led other broadband providers in several categories including reliability, installation, monthly bill quality and accuracy, and customer service. These factors were each cited as important to small and medium-sized businesses when making broadband purchase decisions.
“This ranking reflects a customer-satisfaction strategy at work,” said John Wimsatt, vice president for business marketing for Verizon. We are trying to create for small and medium businesses the best value in broadband.
“It’s not enough to compete on price alone in this market,” he said. “We work hard to ensure our customer experience is top-notch from beginning to end, that we have the right products to meet customer needs as they evolve, and that we have a reliable network to support their applications — all at a price that won’t hamper their growth.”
Released this month from Yankee Group, this is the latest in a series of reports probing small and medium-sized business strategies based on Yankee’s 2003 SMB Broadband Survey that examined the opportunities and challenges faced by various broadband providers.
More and more small businesses are migrating from dial-up access to broadband. According to Steve Hilton, author of the report for Yankee Group, the migration from narrowband to broadband services is one of the most important decisions for small and medium-sized businesses.