The Backup Diva: Data Backup is More than Data Backup

I recently sat down with Veritas’ Backup Diva, Julie Parrish, Vice President, Americas Field and Channel Marketing
Veritas backup solutions are used by over 90% of large businesses – the Fortune 500 if you will. Thanks to a very strong reseller channel, Veritas’ solutions are also used by many small businesses. Competitors Computer Associates, Dantz Retrospect and others have a sizable base of customers but not nearly as large as Veritas’ lead. eWeek reports that Microsoft will soon launch a back up solution, Data Protection Server.
Veritas has always offered products for small businesses, be it something as overt as Backup Exec for Windows Small Business Server or Backup Exec for Windows. However, Veritas’ research showed that many of its smaller customers were only using one leg, of a three leg stool of solutions.
A comprehensive data protection solution requires not only just backing up one’s data, which many small businesses are familiar with, bu also having disaster recovery and management solutions in place.
Data Recovery.
Close your eyes and imagine…
Your entire office is flooded. Maybe an electrical surge arrives. A truck with three thieves walk off with your server(or two) and key desktop computers. You sales VP loses his notebook.
If one or all of thse scenarios take place (If they all take place at the same time maybe business is not something you should have been in) do you have a system in place to easily recover your data and bring your businesses back to life?
Hah – you laugh I have my data backed up on tape. What if the tape is stolen? Or maybe your data is backed up, but how long (IF) will it take to reinstall your applications, security, user settings and all the complicated technical procedures it might take to put your office software (with its data) back together again.
Data Management
Close your eyes. You know what I’m doing to say…imagine.
Your company started with you, your wife and dog as the only staff. Now, 5 years later you’ve grown to a staff of 149. You’ve got an email server or two or five, application servers, file servers and everything else that a growing company would have.
How do you keep track of archived email? Even better, do you know WHICH emails you have to store?
What about the memos between clients and employees who have resigned or got fired? Do you know where those documents are? Are you in a regulated industry (many of you are)? Are you in compliance with the law? If not, start saving up for a fine or bail money.
Data management lets you sleep well at night knowing that as your company grows and as you get more data it can be managed. This means it can be located and used when needed. Maybe you don’t need certain data cloggin up hard disk space but you did need to store it for 10 years or a life time – how can you manage it?
These solutions are not just something for large, $500 Million dollar companies to worry about. If your business is going to successfuly grow you must consider them also.
There’s no need to panic, there are many professionals who can guide you into a data backup, recovery and management solution that’s right for your business and it’s budget – but you’ve got to take the first step and understand its importance for your business.
One of the biggest competitors to Veritas is the customer who does not know they need a backup solution. They ignorantly think, “I’ll never lose my data. Data loss only happens in Florida or in tall NYC buildings.”
Little do they know (or maybe care), that most data loss occurs by accidental end user error. A user mistakenly deleting files for example.
Check out Veritas’ solutions for small and medium sized businesses here.