Blogging for Business
Weblogs are all the rage around the Internet. Can they help your business? Sure, with the right approach.

By now I’m sure most of you have heard about blogging, an easy way to publish content to a website. You type what content you want (this is called a post), press one button and your content is now online for all the world to see.
logging had been more affiliated with the personal musings of a teenager or some guy at the fringe of societal norms, but now blogging is getting more popular. At the last two major political conventions this summer, for example, bloggers (as those who blog are called) took a prominent role for the first time, reporting on the happenings of the convention.
Blogging is not just a gadget for geeks but is a low cost tool that enhances the overall communication of your business, saves you time and money, improves online marketing and more.
A blog provides dynamism and life that a static website often does not have. You should take the time to determine if a blog can benefit your business’ website. Here are just a few things weblogs provide: (Read my full article on