The Broadband Boom

From the National Federation of Independent Business – The number of broadband Internet connections in the United States increases every year. More and more residential and business customers are turning to high-speed Internet connections like DSL, cable and even satellite.
“The Internet has revolutionized the way we do business, making broadband access absolutely critical,” said Ramon Ray, editor of “A small business that can leverage the power of the Internet will be successful, but the Internet is only a tool. Broadband enables them to use this tool much better.”
According to the Federal Communications Commission, there were 2.8 million broadband lines in 1999. In 2003, that number grew to more than 28 million.
Of those 28 million lines, 26.2 million of them belong to residential and small-business customers. Growth in highly populated areas has done particularly well. According to a recent Nielsen//NetRatings survey, broadband usage in San Diego, Phoenix, Detroit, New York, Sacramento and Orlando comprise at least 65 percent of all Internet usage within their markets. (read the full article)