Building a Reseller Channel Takes Hard Work

It’s one thing to get a team of resellers to sell so they can make a profit. But it’s another thing to build a system to enable those consultants to market and sell your product to make a LOT of money.
Can you help them get quoted in the media? Can you help them create advertising? Can you help them be better sales persons?
Warrillow and Company writes Small businesses’ most trusted source for technology advice, services and products have two secret weapons for success. Known as “my tech geek” to entrepreneurs or Value Added Resellers (VARs) in the technology industry, these independently owned and indispensable resources are small business owners themselves. This intimate understanding of the needs and challenges of running a small business makes their recommendations reliable and adds tremendous credibility to their advice.
The second secret weapon comes from a very different source. While their knowledge of small business may be grassroots and personal, behind the scenes, some VARs may also have access to marketing tools created by some of the world’s most sophisticated corporate marketers. A good example of this backstage power provided to VARs by a Fortune 500 marketer comes from HP.