The Case of Backing up To Tape

I have backed up my data to tape but recently switched to backing up to a hard disk on another computer as I didn’t want to have to remember to manually switch tapes in the tape back up drive.
Backing up to tape, however, can be a great option as you can tape the tape off site and ensure it is secure.

News Factor writes At first blush, tape storage seems to be a relic from a bygone era, a medium that ought to be too slow and cumbersome to meet an enterprise’sdata storage Latest News about Data Storage needs. But the reality is that tape — together with the critical business data that it stores — is liable to outlive us all.
“When, as a young engineer, I called up my buddies to say I had found a new opportunity to work in this area, almost all of them laughed,” recalls Hewlett-Packard’s director of product marketing for tape and online storage, Rick Luttrall. “Then they asked me why I would want to work to promote a dead-end technology.”
Twenty-five years later, tape continues to rule, because it is available in portable cartridges at a “cost per MB that is lower than any other solution out there,” Luttrall told NewsFactor. “And regardless of what you made have heard, disk technology will never be as cheap as tape, which is why we call it the foundation for data protection,” he said.