Data (and a phone) in your pocket – BlackBerry or SideKick

RIM launches a new BlackBerry device. It has a better keyboard according to USA Today and it looks more like a phone (see left).
It’s getting more similar to Palm’s Treo, which I have been testing for several weeks now. (see right)
USA Today writes about the new BlackBerry RIM executives said the latest variation of the phone and messaging device is designed to win over customers more familiar or comfortable with typing on a phone keypad.
“This is still a BlackBerry. What’s inside is a BlackBerry. We repackaged it based on feedback we’ve had from our customers…it allows us to address a different market,” RIM co-chief executive and founder Mike Lazaridis told Reuters.
“We’re trying to increase the population of those people that can now take advantage of messaging in more of a phone-like format.”

USA Today columnist Edward C. Baig writes about the BlackBerry and Danger Inc.’s newly updated SideKick – The made-over BlackBerry and Sidekick are two attractive devices that might well win your heart.