Databases are nothing by themselves

A database, the database program itself that is, is nothing if there’s no applications to go with it and make it useful.
With that in mind File Maker is promoting its File Maker developers and the applicaitons they have created for the File Maker database.
As FileMaker’s most successful developer conference concluded last week, a record-setting audience of more than 1,400 developers cheered the finalists of the FileMaker Pro 7 Developer Solution Contest. The last round of the worldwide talent competition came down to seven developers on stage, performing their “best of breed” FileMaker Pro 7 solutions in front of a panel of fellow developers. Solutions developed by the grand prize winner and other finalists are now featured at a special website, along with third-party FileMaker products that participated in the conference’s Product Showcase:
The Grand Prize winner of the first FileMaker Developer Solution Contest was Bob Shockey, The Alchemy Group. The winning solution was a patient management system for radiation oncology practices. Shockey received approximately $12,000 in computer equipment and software.
Other finalists in this year’s competition included:
— Richard Carlton, of Richard Carlton Consulting, Inc., who demonstrated Estimating Pro 7, an estimating assistance solution for construction and underground utility businesses;
— Brian Dunning, of, who demonstrated ChartMaker Pro 7, which generates a wide variety of charts directly from FileMaker without the use of plug-ins;
— Dawn Heady, of Bellwether, Inc., who demonstrated Interface-RAD, a utility template for developers to streamline database creation;
— Cris Ippolite, of iSolutions, Inc. who demonstrated a seating solution for handling the seating of celebrity audiences attending a motion picture industry event;
— Joseph Patterson, of Eclectus, Inc. , who demonstrated Fund Control, a solution that regulates cash disbursement to prevent overpayment for use by banks, credit unions and construction lending groups;
— Longin Ziegler, ismile Group, who demonstrated
ismile 7, a business management solution for medium-sized companies that do not want to deploy on complex and more costly ERP platforms.