Documents to Go – being productive on your PDA

I’ve been using DataViz’s Documents To Go Standard Edition for several months now, maybe more than a year and it has contributed so much to my productivity.
If you need to work with documents on your Palm PDA having Documents To Go is a must.
I recently upgraded to Documents to Go Premium Edition (version 7) and there are several enhancements in this version. Two that I really appreciate are the spell check and word count features.
A lot of the writing I do (when I free lance) is based on word count. So I often would end of writing in Documents to Go, then transferring the documents to Microsoft Word on my desktop for a word count.
Documents to Go is loaded with many features that make this upgrade worth it for those who have the product already and a must have for those who don’t yet have it.
Documents to Go is the perfect example of the importance and the power of software to make hardware come to life and increase the productivity of the end user. Hardware manufacturers, be it Tivo, Palm or Cisco, can make all the fancy hardware they want. But if software does not make it easier to use, feature rich and useful for the end users the hardware really means nothing.
Support is another critical aspect of making support. If you make a sofware product you must have mechanisms in place to provide reasonably fast support.