Floppy disk reaches old age, nearing death

I’ve used floppy disks less and less and less. In fact I don’t even use USB hard disk key’s that much. With the proliferation of corporate and home networks, the Internet and email – it’s much easier to get files from one place to another. Also, many files we make are much larger than a floppy disk.

USA Today writes When Michael McCreary bought three new computers for his company, he had no need for one of the oldest and most common computer technologies, the floppy drive.
But like many computer customers, he ended up buying floppies anyway. After all, they’re cheap and he still has a few of the 3.5-inch disks lying around.
“As long as I need those files, I need a floppy drive around. Then I can toss them,” said McCreary, the president of an eight-employee Atlanta-area real estate management company. “The next computers I buy probably won’t even have a floppy.”
Long the most common way to store letters, homework and other computer files, the floppy is going the way of the horse upon the arrival of the car: it’ll hang around but never hold the same relevance in everyday life.
And good riddance, say some home computer users. The march of technology must go on.
Like the penny, the floppy drive is hardly worth the trouble, computer makers say.