Home Networking Book from Cisco – it’s all you need

Cisco’s Home Networking A Visual Do It Yourself Guide is an excellent instruction manual in setting up a home network. It’s not a thick book that scares non-techies from using it. But it’s not a two page guide that leaves you lacking information.
The book thouroughly and pictorially covers the basics and more for home networking such as:
1. Why you would want to network your home computers
2. The basics, such as hubs, switches, routers, network cards, gateways and etc you’ll need to know for home networking
3. Various networking methods – phone line, power line, Ethernet, wireless
4. Step by step instructions in how to install a network
5. Security – a chapter not to be missed
6. How to maximize the sharing of files on your network
7. Last but not least, entertainment – online gaming, web cames and more
Home Networking A Visual Do It Yourself Guide is a book that every modern home should have.