Is Microsoft’s Internet Explorer really in trouble?

There’s a lot of the media yelling about how Microsoft is “losing” its share of the web browser market to’s FireFox. Business Week reports According to Web analytics company WebSideStory, Microsoft’s share of browser users who visited top e-commerce and corporate sites shrank from 95.6% in June to 93.7% in September. And people using browsers made by the Mozilla open-source software group grew from 3.5% to 5.2%.
While this indeed IS a drop, it’s nothing that should make Microsoft worry. 1) FireFox is a new browswer – new things excite people 2) I’m guessing that if Microsoft wanted it could easily add the features that FireFox has to IE – like tab browsing which I like so much.
In all this smoke, let’s not forget that FireFox does not display many web pages as well as IE does. Small business consulting comapany Warrillow had one of its pages come up with all underlines – this did not happen in IE.’s Hot Resources page only displays the first few lines in FireFox. In IE the entire page loads up properly.
We’ll have to wait several months to see if this bump in FireFox popularity reaches the “massses” or stays with just the anti-Microsoft establishement.
Another point, I’m sure many, like me, use two browsers IE and FireFox to get the best of both worlds.