ISYS Email rocks

I had downloaded ISYS Email a few weeks ago after reading about it in the NY Times. However it was not indexing the right email program – Eudora, I don’t use Outlook.
Today I emailed their tech support and about 10 minutes later I got a reply informing me how to fix the problem. The solution was to change a setting in one of the files of the email program.
In any case, once I got things working, ISYS Email indexed Eudora (that took several minutes) and then I started inputting some search strings and it QUICKLY did the searches I requested.
ISYS, from my brief try of it works well and fast.
PS – I hope ISYS makes it so that from within a menu a user can point to the correct path of their email program in the event that ISYS is not able to find it on its own.