Keyspan – little products, huge efficiency from a great company.

Keyspan’s one of those companies whose brand fills your desk at work, your travel bag and other nooks and crannies.
It’s got a full line of useful products such as media readers, USB hubs & cards, USB server and more. Its latest product, a USB-Parallel transfer cable and software provides a complete solution for connecting an older PC (with no USB port) to a new PC (with USB port) in order to transfer files or to synchronize a desktop PC with a laptop PC.
The Keyspan USB Parallel Transfer Cable has an MSRP of $29 and is available to resellers at Ingram Micro, D&H, and Wynit; and to consumers at,CDW, PC Connection and other leading computer products resellers.
While many older PCs do not support USB, many new PCs, including more and more laptops, have dropped serial and parallel ports. Keyspan has developed a cable that connects the parallel port of the old PC to the USB port of the newer PC. The cable enables file transfer and synchronization in instances where USB-USB, Ethernet-Ethernet, or Parallel-Parallel connectivity is not possible.