Marketing to your customer’s cell phones

Direct mail, banner ads, Yellow Pages, and more are all marketing avenues available to businesses. More businesses are seeing that cell phones can be a good reveneu booster also.
Startup Journal writes Marketers at the Cambridge Side Galleria Mall had tried it all — mass mailings, print ads, radio spots. But such tactics were no longer bringing in the shoppers, and the Cambridge, Mass., mall was on the hunt for something truly attention-grabbing. So last winter, Issie Shait, vice president of operations at the 116-store shopping center, turned to a new marketing medium: the screen of the cellphone.
Shait’s team collected the phone numbers of nearly 2,000 shoppers. Over a six-month period, the customers received, via text message, 39 discount offers from 19 tenants — messages like “Twenty percent off at the register” or “Free appetizer when you dine with a friend.” Shoppers simply presented their phones at the mall’s information desk in exchange for paper coupons to redeem in stores. According to Shait, an astonishing 80% of all the text-screen coupons were converted. “The tenants that participated all saw a jump in their sales,” he says.