The Mobile Office is a Reality with the Right Solution

If you need to access your office data on the road there’s many vendors who can help. Sprint, Verizon, AT&T and others all have solutions for you. Is everything going to be rosy and perfect? Of course not. But working with a good telecommunications vendor and consultant you can ensure your mobile office is working as best as possible.

At the Mauser-Werke in Bruhl, Germany the Nokia One Business Server (N1BS) used in conjunction with the Nokia 9210i Communicator provides employees away on business travel with quick, easy and secure access to company e-mails, calendar and contact data, and to-do lists. Everything works just like back in the office: functions are selected using a desktop-like interface, including downloading e-mail attachments or opening embedded links to intranet or Internet pages.
“Greater accessibility and enabling our employees to take care of business correspondence while away from the office were our main motivations for searching out a comfortable and secure mobility solution. The modest implementation effort required by the system was an important criterion for our decision, as was the fact that training employees took just a few minutes – thanks to exceptional ease of operation. When staff members are able to pick up e-mails with contracts or other large files attached while travelling, via a WAP connection for example, this gives them demonstrable advantages in their day-to-day work, which really pay off over time”, explains Stefan Muller-Arends, Managing Director of the Mauser-Werke GmbH & Co. KG.
The Nokia One Business Server makes use of the company’s existing security infrastructure: the appliance-based solution was simply installed behind the corporate firewall. No modification of the original data being called up was required. All that had to be done was to connect the Nokia One Business Server to the Linux Sendmail system used by the Mauser-Werke – which took only two hours.
Since company data can now be sent quickly and efficiently to any mobile end-device, regardless of the mobile network involved, working while travelling becomes much easier. One of the advantages mentioned repeatedly by Mauser employees is the comfortable operation of the system. This is attributable in part to a clearly arranged user interface. The user can rely on familiar categories like Inbox, Outbox and Sent Objects. In addition to the fact that the Nokia 9210i Communicator is equipped with a full keyboard, accessible upon opening, users also appreciate how easy and practical it is to open and manage numerous e-mail attachments.
Since the Nokia 9210i Communicator includes an Internet browser, users at Mauser now have a very convenient way to access in-house resources securely, for example the intranet-based company calendar or Web mail. For this purpose, the Nokia One Business Server provides the mobile terminals with an SSL-based WEB server, which acts as proxy server to access the company resources. The SSL-based encoding – also used, for example, in Internet banking – ensures that any access to the company intranet complies with the appropriate security precautions. All transmitted data remain on the original server and not on the mobile end-device: this minimises any risk that confidential data could find its way onto the wrong end-devices.
The Mauser-Group produces industrial packaging for hazardous materials and dangerous goods, operating through several subsidiaries and also in the context of joint ventures in Europe, the USA and Asia. In 2002 the Mauser-Group achieved revenues of 320 million EUR and employed 1,300 people worldwide, 400 of them in Germany. The Mauser-Group is a leading packaging supplier for the chemical and petrochemical industries.