A new company aims to make home networking easier

As more people buy multiple computers for their homes, its best to create a network that can enable these computers to share internet access and other resources. Linksys, D-Link, NetGear and others all offer solutions to make networking as easy as possible and now SingleClick Systems is entering the ring.
With the tools provided by networking hardware vendors I’m not sure if there is a need for 3rd party networking solutions. For those that do need addition networking help, SingleClick Systems might just be the perfect solution.
SingleClick Systems, a provider of WindowsÆ-based software utilities, today announced that it will launch a series of software solutions designed to make home and wireless networking easy. A start-up company, SingleClick plans to introduce in October software utilities that simplify the installation and management of home and small office networks.
The first product to be launched by SingleClick, HomeNet Manager, is designed to help PC users of all levels easily and painlessly deploy, configure and maintain networks in their homes or small offices. HomeNet Manager can also be utilized as a troubleshooting tool to identify, analyze and resolve technical issues associated with installing and maintaining home networks. Key features of the product include home network auditing, device-health monitoring, home network auto-diagnosis and repair, simple network resource sharing wizard, and a seamless drag-and-drop network configuration and management tools.
Following the release of HomeNet Manager, SingleClick plans to introduce Wireless Network Ignition, a solution that manages the process of getting and staying connected to a wireless network. The software automatically determines all technical parameters needed to connect to a wireless network, eliminating the guesswork typically associated with installing and configuring such software. Wireless Network Ignition provides simple, secure and private network access at home and on the road. It will also eliminate the need for time-consuming technical support with its ability to instantly resolve technical issues and pinpoint the source of a wireless network malfunction.
A beta version of HomeNet Manager is available for download today at http://www.singleclicksystems.com/buy.html. HomeNet Manager is priced at $39.95, but will be offered free of charge as a trial/beta version until October 14, 2004. Multi-unit pricing is also available. For further information, please visit www.singleclicksystems.com.