Online Backup Service: Lack of Support Gives it a D+

Backing up your data, is VERY important but at times it can be a challenge to set up. You can have a consultant set up a redundant hard disks (RAID) that will enable you to quickly recover from a hard disk crash, or set up a traditional back up solution that backs up data once a day to removable storage media (tape or CD).
The other solution which many users will find easier is online back up. Wherever you are, as long as you have access to the Internet and preferably a fast connection, your files can be backed up and recovered.
If you have gigabytes of data to back up an online storage solution might not be a good idea as it could take a long time to back up (remember the data must travel via the Internet) and you’ll have to pay for the storage space.
There’s a table comparing online and offline back up options here.
An online backup solution is ideal when you have only a few critical files or a few megabytes of storage. Whenever files change, or at certain times you could schedule a back up. If you ever need a critical file you could retrieve it online – from a hotel, a client or while on vacation.
There are MANY companies doing online back up and one I tried out was Restorion’s Glorio service
Using Glorio is easy and simple. You sign up at their web site, receive an email message to authenticate who you are and then download the software. From there you select what files to back up and back up options (types of files to back up, schedule of back up and etc).
At one time I could not see the file explorer Window which would enable one to select files to back up, tech support told me that this is a rare glitch and when I rebooted my computer things were working fine.
Restorion’s tag line is “the path to data salvation” but it should be the path to no support.
I love trying out new technology – software, hardware, gadgets, gizmos, you name it. But one thing that annoys me to no end is bad tech support. Interestingly enough – I can handle being on hold but what I can not tolerate is emailing a company’s support email address and getting NO REPLY.
Initially when the file explorer window would not appear I emailed Restorion technical support for help (Friday 17 Sep) just like any of their customers would do. I didn’t call my PR contact to get special treatment. But by Monday (20 Sep) I received no help from tech support. I finally emailed Restorion press relations and got help from tech support FAST.
I’m not sure if only my email slipped through Restorion’s tech support and this was a one time thing or if this is a problem with all of their customers who email for support.
I would recommend that you give Restorion a try (there’s a free trial) – it’s a good back up solution but do email support to test it out. If you have a serious back up problem you want to know that support is only an email or phone call away.
The price is $36.00 per gigabyte per month (a gigabyte is a thousand megabytes). After your first gigabyte, you will be charged on a pro-rata basis for the actual amount over one gigabyte. After five gigabytes, the price goes down by ten percent to $32.40 for each additional gigabyte.