Online businesses are succeeding

Growing an online business is NOT easy, but can be done. There’s two types of online businesses however.
1. Those businesses that already exist and have a thriving “offline” business in a retail store or somewhere. When they build a web site, it’s an addition to what they already have and they already have customers who can start using it.
2. Then there are those online only businesses starting from scratch with no customers. They’ve got to market their products and find new customers.

Cnn writes With ultra-trendy shops all over the world that are stocked with products which are handmade from fresh fruit and vegetables, Lush has a global following.
But while its shops are in cosmopolitan locations, the company headquarters where products are manufactured on the south coast of England, resembles a farm kitchen, where natural ingredients are lovingly concocted for Lush fanatics.
But appearances can be deceiving. Organic does not have to mean old-fashioned, says company founder Mark Constantine.
He says the chatroom on the company’s Web site is now a vital business tool.