Review: Microsoft’s OneNote Organizes Data

While I’m sure Microsoft’s OneNote can do much more than my simple Palm and Palm Desktop I store all my little notes, thoughts, to do’s and etc on my PDA.

The Washington Post writes Consider the New World of Information – stuff that, unlike the paper days of the past, doesn’t always physically exist. You’ve got notes, scrawlings and snippets, Web graphics, photos and sounds. Stuff needs to be cut, pasted, highlighted, annotated, crossed out, dragged away. And, as Ross Perot used to say (or maybe it was Dana Carvey impersonating him), don’t forget the graphs and charts.
In an era of miscellany, when stacking notebooks to the ceiling simply isn’t practical, what’s a data obsessive to do?
Those of us who answer to that moniker now have a savior. And – pause for effect – it’s from Microsoft.
The meekly marketed OneNote, the software behemoth’s marvelous electronic filing cabinet, is The Answer when it comes to socking away the bits of wisdom and useful information we spend much of our lives trying to store. And after the year-old software’s latest update, Service Pack 1, it’s even more user.