Smart Phone Market Growing More Crowded

While SmartPhones are nice and fancy most people just want a phone to do one thing – talk. For specific applications or a few businesses SmartPhones can be an important asset. But I’ve said this before and say again now – the best thing for those who don’t need email on their hip or in their pocket is a light weight notebook computer.

The Associated Press writes The smart phone market will grow more crowded Wednesday with the debut of two devices directed at opposite ends of the customer spectrum: a BlackBerry for consumers with a newfangled keyboard and a Nokia (news – web sites) phone-organizer for mobile business professionals.
Both handsets, designed to feel more like a cell phone than a handheld computer, will compete with about two dozen other smart phones that run on advanced operating systems such as Windows Mobile, Symbian and Palm.
Despite the growing selection, smart phones are expected to account for less than 3 percent of all wireless handsets shipped in 2004, or about 17.6 million of an estimated 650 million, according to Kevin Burden, research manager for mobile devices at IDC. The number is expected to nearly double next year to about 30 million, or 4.3 percent of an estimated 700 million shipments.
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