Squarespace Lets Users Manage Multi-Page Web Sites

There’s so many web publishing tools on the market, that can do various things. I’m not sure how good this latest tool is, but The Washington Post reports on a new tool, Squarespace and writes A year and a half ago, Casalena decided to create a personal Web site. He checked out the site-management products available on the Web but none could integrate photos with Web logs, or blogs, the popular online personal journals, to his liking. So he created his own program. After seeing a demonstration of Casalena’s creation, a friend offered him $500 to use the program. “I didn’t think it was worth $500; I made it in a week,” Casalena said. But he decided to offer his program as a service for others seeking to publish personal Web sites.

Casalena thinks Squarespace fills a gap in Web publishing. “You’ve got two options if you want to publish on the Internet in a managed way: Blogs, which are ultra-simple and one page only, or, if you’re a business, you can get a high-end content management product that will cost you $5,000 to $10,000 and take five programmers to implement. Squarespace is the middle ground.” He points to overcrowded one-page sites as what’s wrong with blogging today: “People publish everything using a blog and it’s too much, it creates a mess on the sides of the page. A multi-page Web site is a good idea a lot of the time. Squarespace lets you manage pages, pictures, books you’re reading and journal entries.”