The TEC “Q” Report

Technology Evaluation Centers Inc.(TEC), is pleased to announce the launch of The TEC “Q” Report, a quarterly review of demand trends in the enterprise software world. TEC is a leading provider of on-line software evaluation and selection tools, powered by its decision support process, eBestMatchTM.
“The purpose of The TEC “Q” Report is two-fold: to track end user demand shifts within fifteen common criteria and to gauge realistic sales cycle expectations within a particular application type and a particular industry,” said Barry Melsom, Vice President, Global Marketing and Sales. “TEC’s timeframe denominator illustrates the proportion of end-user companies ready to make decisions in one quarter, two quarters, three quarters, and four or more quarters”.
Statistical trends are gathered from on-line use of TEC’s services and are presented in an easy-to-read format for rapid analysis. Current quarter statistics are graphically illustrated along with previous quarterly results. The data included in the report is in advance of actual software decisions and provides valuable insights on technology decision makers.
“The TEC “Q” Report differentiates itself from others reports no sampling has been conducted. It’s based on inquiries made by actual end users who came to our site and used one of our evaluation centers to help them in their enterprise software decision making process,” said Gilles Charbonneau, Vice President, Customer Care and Lead Generation.
The TEC “Q” Report will be available every quarter, as well as an annual review edition. All data in the report is presented in advance of actual software decisions and as such provides valuable insights about end users’ demands.