Verizon speeds up home DSL

If you are a home user of Verizon DSL services, the service you have is often slower than your business counterparts. Verizon feels your pain and is now offering faster DSL speeds for home users.
The new DSL service offers a maximum connection speed of 3 Mbps (megabits per second) downstream and 768 Kbps (kilobits per second) upstream and is available today in 12 New England and mid-Atlantic states and in the District of Columbia. The company plans to offer 3Mbps DSL service later this year in the remaining 11 states where it now offers up to 1.5 Mbps DSL service.
“Today’s broadband customers are looking for higher speeds to support working from home, multi-player gaming and e-mailing large files like photographs, but most of all, they’re looking for a great value,” said John Wimsatt, vice president of broadband for Verizon Online. “Now they have an additional, super-fast option from Verizon, with some of the industry’s best broadband prices.”
Verizon Online will offer the new higher maximum connection speed to qualifying consumers for as low as $39.95 a month when purchased as part of a package of Verizon calling services. Consumers can get more information about Verizon Online DSL at 1-800-PICK-DSL.
Small and medium-sized businesses can also take advantage of the new speed option from Verizon Online. The business packages include all the tools needed for business grade access to the Web, including domain name e-mail boxes (, round-the-clock technical support and unlimited remote dial-up service. Additionally, Verizon Online offers businesses a choice of dynamic or static IP (Internet protocol) routing for $89.95 per month and $129.95 a month, respectively. Unlike dynamic DSL, a static IP address gives businesses a permanent IP address for hosting a Web site and an e-mail server, as well as providing virtual private network (VPN) applications for employees who work remotely. Get the full details here.