What Happens to “Hidden” Software

There’s a lot of great software on the market available for businesses to purchase. But what happens if the software is not well known? Nothing. It does not get considered for puchase by businesses and therefore is not purchased.
This is why Microsoft spends millions and millions of dollars marketing its products. Microsoft has one of the most affective marketing machines around. Many companies don’t have millions to spend on marketing – but they work to build a channel of sales representatives and resellers.

News Factor writes Purchasing decisions today are “based upon business metrics — not how good the technology is,” says Dan Kusnetzky of IDC. “If the business decision maker is unaware of a company or its products, the products won’t be considered. If the products aren’t considered, they certainly won’t be selected.”
Marketed by Mandrakesoft, Mandrakelinux is promoted as a friendly Linux operating system that offers ease of use for both servers and the desktop.
Mandrakesoft makes the OS available in several languages and promises that it is far more stable — and just as easy to operate — as the Windows andMacintosh Latest News about Macintosh operating systems.
So, if Mandrakelinux is so user-friendly and powerful, why is it not a household word — even compared to other Linux flavors?
In a word: marketing. There is a widespread, if not universally shared, perception that Mandrakesoft’s marketing efforts are far less sophisticated then its technical attributes.