Wireless Storage – Sometimes simple things are best

Imagine a small appliance that does one thing – stores files. Imagine that this appliance was wirelessly enabled. No physical network attachment needed. Maybe the area where you store your servers is clutered and filled up with networking hardware.

Iomega’s newest product, the Iomega NAS 100d comes in 160gb and 200gb sizes and can serve as part of an existing network or as an access point for a new network.
As more computers – from notebooks to PDAs – get wirelessly enabled, having fleixble, wireless storage solutions is good.
To set up the NAS100d simply plug it in to a port on a router, switch or hub. Then use a web browser to log in and configure the device. Once this is done all devices on the network can access it with no need to configure each client PC.
Iomega bundles backup software with this appliance and users can select what files they want back up.
Cost: $500 for the 160gb and $600 for the 250gb version