Archive of October 2004

Eudora 6.1 – still a great email client

I’ve been using Eudora for many years as for some reason Microsoft Outlook never quite fit me right. Yesterday I downloaded the latest version of Eudora, version 6.1 and it’s pretty good. Not much difference to version 5.0 hence my “ho-hum” attitude. Some differences however do include: SpamWatch: SpamWatch is a new powerful tool in […]

Software vendors: Target. Target. Target.

While offering broad business solutions is fine, to grow, requires horizontal applications and resellers who can build custom solutions. Intuit, Best Software, IBM and many others offer solutions tailored to specific markets. With this in mind News Factor reports that SAP and HP are targeting the higher end of the SMB market with hosted versions […]

Catching Viruses at the ISP Level

It’s good that AOL is enhancing the virus-protection it offers to its customers. It would be great if ALL ISPs scanned messages for viruses, as an option before the email even reached the customer’s email box. An email message could be sent from the ISP notifying the recipient of an email message that contains a […]

What’s better: Linux or Windows

This argument is not nice and black and white like techs and media would want you to believe. Really, it depends on your business, your needs and the support you have. For some businesses going Linux is fine – they can handle the change from Windows to Linux have technically savvy users and have an […]

Wireless Mobility and PDA vs Notebook

Today I was in my office, a hotel and major international organization. Guess what was common to them all? Wireless internet access. I had to do some configuration changes moving from network to network, however for the most part the wireless connectivity was a breeze. This leads me to my second point – PDA vs […]

The Scoop on the Treo 600 vs Treo 650 gives an excelent analysis and overview of the REAL story behind the Treo 600 and 650. palmOne gets a little upset when people call the Treo 650 just an “evolution” of the Treo 600. They insist that it is indeed a step up the ladder and not just a leg lift towards that next […]