Crains NY Business Expo

This past Wednesday I shared a booth and exhibited with three other businesses (Talk of the Town Chef, xynoMedia, PublicCTO) at the 13th Annual Crains NY Business Expo.
We four businesses joined several other businesses in sharing booth space under the umbrella of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce.
Crains expected 1,000 attendees but only a few hundred showed up by my estimate. 3COM and ConstantContact supplied some giveaways.
To make an exhibit work for your business takes creativity and hard work. Many businesses at this expo just stood behind their table and waited for people to come to them. This writer and technology evangelist stood in front of our table and steered passing attendees towards our table netting a basket full of business cards.
Of course it helped that Talk of the Town Chef brought three plates of wonderful snacks – which drew an even larger crowd.
I’ve been at many trade show and exhibits and find that exhibits can be good – if there’s sufficient traffic and the right audience. The exhibitor must also clearly define their goals. My goal was to build up the audience.
For the most part the goal of my colleagues was to get a few good leads for their respective technology and catering businesses.
I think we all were pleased, but we all may not exhibit at Crains again.