Does good B2b advertising work with innovator business owners?

Warrillow & Co writes Small business owners are the Influentials of our communities. The social leaders who influence our opinions about what to buy and who to believe are more likely than any other influence group to also own their own company.
The elite among these influential business owners are the Innovators. Innovators are those business owners who seek out and try the newest products or services. These active learners search for new information. Market scanning is an innate habit. In addition to being voracious absorbers of information, they also experiment and tolerantly try new products and services, often before development is entirely complete. They are a dream customer for most product marketers and every marketers’ ideal target.
Given their sophistication, these Innovator business owners are surprisingly influenced by good B2b advertising. In fact, more than half acknowledge that good SMB ads make them feel good. More importantly, more than 75% of all Innovators claim that good B2b advertising affects their purchase decisions. Spending by Innovators is vastly more affected by good B2b advertising than Early Adopters, the next group most likely to try new things.
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