Driving Sales Leads: Interland helps its customers

Online businesses (or even offline but with a one page web site) can get help driving traffic to their web site with Interland’s new EzClicks paid search engine tool.
Sure, a business can directly go to Google or Overture, but with EzClick it’s all integrated into one interface and comes with professional help. Instead of going to Google and typing in your own keywords AND managing them Interland’s professionals will have a look at your web site and do the work for you.
Interland, announced today the immediate availability of EzClicks(tm), a suite of paid search advertising packages for small businesses. EzClicks search advertising packages give subscribers guaranteed traffic freeing them from the daunting task of managing pay-per-click advertising campaigns across multiple search sites.
Interland’s newest lead-generating offering reduces the time-consuming tasks small businesses face when looking to execute paid search advertising campaigns. Interland’s search professionals manage all the details associated with multiple paid search engine efforts through one program that includes placements on more than 30 sites such as Google, Overture, MSN and AOL. Interland oversees the details, making sure keyword purchases are completed on time; writing text ads; placing bids; and monitoring and optimizing campaigns to keep pace with marketplace changes, all backed by a traffic guarantee. In addition, EzClicks users receive monthly reports documenting keywords used and traffic secured.
“Driving leads is the life blood of any small business operating today, and that principle is critical for those looking for real online success,” said Joel Kocher, CEO and chairman of Interland. “In the last few years there has been a dramatic shift in how consumers look for information about products and services. With home PC adoption now north of 80 percent and broadband connectivity in 23.1 million North American homes today, clearly the battle for local customers is playing out over the Internet. As this happens, the role of a small business website is rapidly changing from one of an online presence to a viable generator of leads and sales.
This is a powerful offering make online marketing VERY EASY for a small business.
As you grow and can better understand the online advertising market, you might want to get more involved in creating your own keywords and managing your “pay per click” marketing campaign(s).