Email + Blog + RSS + Google + Amazing = JOTSPOT

I read in Business Week about a start up company, from the founders of Excite, JotSpot. It is truly an AMAZING online tool that is just plain useful. I think it’s one of the most dynamic ways to create a living web site that combines the power of adding to the web site via email, but you can use forms to capture data from users and display results form Google and other web sites.
You can read the full details yourself at JotSpot but take my word for it – it’s HOT and useful.
This of those PERFECT tools that can make a small business very productive, along the likes of one of my favorite Intuit QuickBase and Groove. A combination collaboration, communication and database info repository tool.
This leads me to another point. You should know by now that a good tech consultant is priceless, I would also suggest that a top notch programmer is also a must. The former to help with your network, wireless connection, upgrades the later to power your software and make things work more efficiently.
You should be using blogs, JotSpot, Quickbase and other very flexible tools in your business, but you should not have to necessarily know how to make them work for you – a programmer can do the messy work. Your mobile world should be ticking like NJ Transit and a highly productive environment.
Maybe you need a database on the fly to handle a project. Maybe you need a tool to handle inbound email for a special client. These kind of things a hot programmer can whip up real fast like a NYC cook.
Remember, technology is only a tool. But you can’t use these tools effectively without help, without expertise.