Enabling Business To Do Their Own Printing the HP Way

At PC Expo earlier this month HP launched a line of products and services to help businesses be more productive with their printing needs.
There’s several strategies to what HP is doing.
1. Across the board, horizontal solutions are necessary, but HP is also creating vertical solutions for a variety of industries such as real estate, medical and etc
2. There’s a place for your local print shop – when it comes to large print jobs for example. But if you want to print a few brochures to impress 3 new customers why spend the money at Kinkos?
HP is not simply making new printers but is working to make the entire printing process simpler and easier. It is working with software vendors such as Microsoft (MS Publisher) and Intuit to ensure HP customers have as easy to use printing integrated in popular software products as possible.
HP continues to harness the power of its wide range of products (Pocket Pcs, notebooks, printers and more) to produce SOLUTIONS for businesses. For example combining wireless printing from an Ipaq with a wireless LaserJet.
Color is a big part of HPs push. Sure it will bring HP more revenue, bu it’s also good for the business.
A color proposal with graphs and photos looks much more professional and impressive than a black and white one.
Kris Kirchoff is the Vice-President of Connectivity for Business Imaging and Printing based in Boise, Idaho and is leading HP’s push.
One of three companies that comprises the HP Imaging and Printing Group, Business Imaging and Printing focuses on developing, marketing and manufacturing imaging and printing solution for small and medium-sized business customers.
Kirchoff heads the development of a, Do-It-Yourself Marketing solution constructed for small companies. Kirchoff, who joined HP in 1979, vast expertise includes remote management, new business creation, program and process delivery, networking and telecommunications.