Eudora 6.1 – still a great email client

I’ve been using Eudora for many years as for some reason Microsoft Outlook never quite fit me right.
Yesterday I downloaded the latest version of Eudora, version 6.1 and it’s pretty good. Not much difference to version 5.0 hence my “ho-hum” attitude.
Some differences however do include:
SpamWatch: SpamWatch is a new powerful tool in Eudora 6 to help you stop Spam (Paid mode users only).
WebWords: WebWords combines email and web searching – start web searches from Eudora.
Content Concentrator: Content Concentrator is a new tool in Eudora 6 to help makes messages more readable.
Contextual Filing Advanced Matching: Select a word or words within a message, and with one click, file it in a folder or mailbox of the same name, or containing that word.