Evolution of technology, evolves business solutions

This might sound real simple, but when I got my Gateway M320, I was surprised to see that it came with a port for a Multi Media and SD card. Some notebooks have them and some do not. How could this simple port be an asset to one’s business?
With no need for extra cables and worrying about file transfer you can easily transfer data from your digital camera, phone, PDA and etc to your notebook for fast and easy editing, emailing or storage.
Imagine you are in real estate, insurance or the medical field. You could take a photo, slip the memory card out of your camera and have the image to your office in seconds via your notebook computer.
This is a small improvement but a HUGE evolution of a solution for a growing business.
It is IMPORTANT when buying technology to look at the “BIG PICTURE”, in the case of a notebook – hard disk space, memory, weight and processor speed. BUT ALSO small productivity benefits like a memory card port and several (not just one) USB port like the Gateway M320 has.