– The Google for business web searching

Research can be tedious. Search engines like Google and Yahoo often provide countless websites that you have to weed through in order to find anything pertinent. For businesses that depend on fast efficient results there is now a new option. focuses on business research. provides web results and business specific results. The business specific results are compiled from a select business sites. A quick search for printers brings up the latest developments as well as directions to help solve common printer problems.
The features include basic web search, business search, directory; current news about the search topic and a cluster bar that will allows one to organize results.
The most innovative feature is the topic separator, which allows the viewer to browse the sub-topics of the results list. Printers for instance provides sub-topics: forecast period, vendor shares, color and electronic among other categories.
The results are not only divided by topics but also by site formats, site URLs and the source of the results.
Each search brings up a variety of research articles that may be useful.
The site keeps a log of past researches and allows one to save searches for further investigation.
Registration is simple and free. also offers more advanced features including the option of using a seasoned researched professional for $375.