Helping Programmers Get More $

Intuit, creator of Quickbooks the leading small business accounting program its working with developers to make applications that can add more functionality to Quickbooks. This program is the Intuit Developer Network, which I’ve written about before, here.
Intuit realizes that getting programmers to write 3rd party applications for your software is more than just enabling them to write programs for it – that’s easy. But you’ve got to help them sell those programs. Intuit’s not alone in this, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and others are aggressively courting programmers to write applications for their programs also.
With this in mind, Intuit recently announced new marketing tools and information resources for members of the Intuit Developer Network. Intuit developed the tools to help its developer members create product demand, enhance their company’s image, boost their bottom line and shorten their sales cycle.
“Intuit already has one of the best application integration programs in the industry,” said Ed Schaffer, business leader, Intuit Developer Network (IDN). “These templates and resources are the next obvious step: helping developers better market their packages and tie them more closely with the Intuit brand.”
Intuit created the marketing tools as a result of months of research, including a survey with developers and follow-up one-on-one interviews. The new tools include tradeshow signs that closely link developers’ products with the QuickBooks brand and templates for producing professional-looking sales collateral.
“The templates have really made the setup process quick and simple, enabling anyone to quickly produce high quality product literature,” said Jeffrey Gerardi, president, Construction Management Software and a premier member of IDN. “And since the template includes the QuickBooks logo, we look more closely affiliated with Intuit, getting instant credibility with QuickBooks users.”
Marketing tools include:
*Sales collateral: Ready-made, QuickBooks-branded templates help developers create professional sales sheets that highlight product integration with QuickBooks. The templates provide the formatting to create an easy-to-read overview of products and services, company information, and QuickBooks integration details.
*Tradeshow signs: QuickBooks-branded table tents and signs raise awareness of developer companies and products, helping both stand out on a crowded trade show floor.
Information resources include informative articles on:
*Marketing tips to promote like the pros. A step-by-step guide through the basic stages of the marketing process: budgeting, planning, executing, and measuring.
*Web marketing: Search-engine tips explain how to drive customers and traffic to a web site, as well as increase relevant sales leads and overall presence on the Web.
All tools are available to members on the Intuit Developer Network’s sales and marketing website:
In the Intuit’s solutions marketplace, Intuit is selling the 3rd party programs its developers have created.