IBM launches another salvo to secure businesses

IBM’s ThinkPad notebooks are one of the best types of notebooks money can buy. Furthermore, like Mercedes, BMW, Lexus and other marquee brands, IBM adds features to its notebooks that make the computing experience a usability nirvana.
Its notebook models include, hard disk protection when dropped, data recovery tools, and so much more.

Yesterday IBM launched its newest security feature, an integrated fingerprint reader built into the IBM ThinkPad T42. In addition to this hardware component IBM is launching an upgraded version of its Client Security Software which includes a secure password manager.
Passwords are the default security barrier for many of us, but are not the BEST security. When you are developing a secure database, web site and other resources you want to ensure that they are being accessed by the right person. Passwords can be found, forgotten or hacked. Fingerprints are a lot harder (maybe impossible) to forge.
If you want better security for your businesses mobile work force, consider IBM’s T42.