It’s 9:00. Do You Know Where Your Software Is?

For the software you use it is important to understand that you have not really “bought” software but actually bought a license to use it.
This means you can only use the software as the software vendor stipulates. Have you bought one copy of Adobe Photoshop for example and your design staff of 5 are using it? That’s probably illegal.

CDW’s (an online retailer) Brian Schwarttz, spokesperson for CDW’s Technology Speciality Teams says that keeping track of your software licenses is more than so you can avoid jail time.
There’s regulator reasons to know what software you have. You can also save a lot of money by knowing what is in your sofware inventory. Instead of buying 10 single copies of Symantec Anti-Virus, maybe you could benefit from a volume purchase deal.
Do you expect your company to grow? Projecting your company’s growth and tying it into your licensing purchases could save you money.
Recognizing that managing your sofware licenses can be difficult CDW developed a software licensing tracker that businesses can use to manage their licenses.
Microsoft, Adobe, Symantec, Computer Associates, Nework Associates and Veritas have agreements with CDW so that whenever a CDW business customer buys sofware it is automatically logged into the tracking tool.
CDW’s tracking tool is customizable and lets one add fields to the tracking database and automatically generate reports.
This tracking tool demonstrates why CDW is a smart choice for any growing business. It’s EASY to buy technology online (or over the phone). You find the product, click and it’s shipped to you. The hard part is finding a PARTNER who can work with you over the long haul to manage your technology purchases and advise you on what technology to buy.
CDW provides many value added services, many free such as providing every customer with a dedicated account representative, giving customers access to CDW technology experts to help them know what technology to buy (or not buy).
For businesses, Brian says that CDW’s dedicated managers respond to each customer with a sense of urgency to help them buy technology for their businesses.
I’ve been a CDW customer for MANY years and have never had a complaint.

The Business Software Alliance is an industry consortium tasked with educating businesses about legal use of software and combating illegal software use. The BSA has tools you can use to help you audit your software inventory.