Learning Microsoft Outlook 2003 Can Be Easy If…

Technology Therapist, Jennifer Shaheen has produced her first, in hopefully a series, of computer program instruction CD’s.
This first one, “The Business Professional’s Guide To Learning Microsoft© Outlook 2003” offers one on one guidance in how to best use MS Outlook for your businesses.
Let’s face it, MSO is the dominant email program that so many of us (not me – I use Eudora) use, it’s best to know more than how to just send and receive email.
In the CD, “The Business Professional’s Guide To Learning Microsoft© Outlook 2003”, which I have had a chance to use myself, you’ll learn the following:
* Clear Out The Clutter In Your Inbox
* Mail Merge Your Contacts In 3 Easy Steps
* Eliminate Re-Typing Information
* Schedule Appointments On Your Calendar
* Send Mass Mailings For Newsletters And Holiday Greetings
* Create An Association List For Mass E-Mail Updates
* Find Anything: Lost E-Mails Or Contacts
* Set-Up Reminders For Calling Back Sales Leads
This CD should be in the library of every business person who wants to be more productive in using MS Outlook.

Check it out yourself here