Less Handhelds are being sold. But YOU should buy one and USE it.

Although IDC is reporting that less handhelds are being sold attributed the dip to a drop in shipments from PalmOne and to the gradual withdrawal of Sony from the U.S. market according to a report by Cnet PDAs are so valuable every business professional should have one.
For the low price, starting at $200, the benefits of having all your contacts, notes, tasks and other things in one place can’t be beat. I carry my Gateway M320 notebook around with me most places but my Palm Tungsten E goes EVERYWHERE with me and synchs several times a day with two computers for a three layered back up system.
The Cnet article also reads IDC’s data differs somewhat from a report released in July by research company Gartner, which said handheld sales rose in the second quarter. The difference is that Gartner included the BlackBerry, Research In Motion’s wireless device, in its computations, and IDC did not.