Mastering the RFP: A First Step Critical to IT Success

When Small Businesses Go In Search of a Technology Partner, a First Step Gone Wrong Could be the Most Costly
Eager to take advantage of new and significantly advanced software systems, many small and midsize businesses stumble at the start by overlooking the RFP. In circles of software consultants and resellers (who bid on projects to win the opportunity to provide software to small businesses), it’s becoming commonplace to receive requests for proposal (RFPs) based on templates first introduced almost ten years ago. While they seek the latest gains in technology, many companies don’t pay enough attention to the way they evaluate it, or give too much control to outside consultants who are paid to pick software for them.
While it may seem complex, the RFP process does not have to be costly or time consuming. This is not only the first step, but is the most important step in putting your business on the right path. As such, business managers should be intimately involved in this process. Business owners who master the RFP process ensure that they are on firm footing right out of the gate and on the way to the right software solution for their company and the right technology partner for the long run. (full article)