Mirra Personal Server – now in retail stores

The Mirra Pesonal server, which I reivewed here is now available in Best Buy stores.
Products can succeed only online – take a look at Amazon.com, Dell and other vendors and products.
But many times a retail presence of certain items is important.
“From the very start, Mirra’s strategy was to cast a wide net in the retail distribution channel,” said Richard Mandeberg, CEO of Mirra. “We are excited to kick off the big consumer holiday season with expanded presence at Best Buy, the authority with consumers who enjoy the digital lifestyle. This expansion gives our customers even more ways to purchase the Mirra Personal Server in a familiar, accessible, and knowledgeable marketplace.”
A recent survey conducted by Geek Squad, a 24-hour computer support task force available in all Best Buy stores, revealed that Americans fear losing everything on their computers more than public speaking, an IRS audit, or death. Yet few home users follow a strict back-up regimen, mainly because it is too time-consuming and complicated.