MYOB US, Inc. Announces A Suite of New Software For Small

MYOB US, Inc.announced the first in a new line of software suites aimed at underscoring MYOB’s commitment to liberate and empower small businesses with solutions that extend beyond
solely accounting. First out is MYOB BusinessEssentials, simplified
accounting software for small business that comes jam-packed with
easy-to-use smart business tools including financial forecasting and logo design software, business planning aids, small business training books, and educational software from the IRS.
A $250 value in a $99 package, BusinessEssentials represents much more than a smart investment to business owners who realize the value in not only maintaining accurate and organized accounting records, but also in having a suite that goes beyond accounting.
“This suite safeguards the small business owner’s books with a strong accounting core, but it also caters to the other areas of a small business owner’s operations ? the forward-thinking, planning aspects of a small business,” says Cynthia Mackewicz, General Manager, MYOB US. “The suite of tools included in Business Essentials is compiled specifically to help business owners and savvy entrepreneurs in making informed decisions as a critical path to their overall business success.”