Palm Gets Bigger

Many Palm PDAs come with 32 or 64MB of RAM. This is sufficient for many users who need their PDA for basic address, task and memo tasks. But as you use your PDA for more things be it games, 3rd party applications, intensive data storage and etc more memory is needed.
With this in mind PalmOne launched, as reported by The Register, the Tungsten T5, its first PDA to ship with 256MB of memory and the first to operate as a USB Flash drive, this morning, as anticipated. The launch confirms what pre-release photos of the device purported: that the T5 uses the slider-less casing of the Tungsten E. The latter’s 320 x 320 display is dropped in favour of a 320 x 480 job of the kind already seen on the Tungsten T3. Like the T3, the T5 uses a virtual Graffiti text-entry area and can switch the screen between landscape and portrait mode at a flick of the stylus.