PayPal: still one of the best e-commerce options for smaller businesses

Although PayPal is having some problems with its system right now, it’s one of the best (ease of use and low cost) e-commerce systems one can use.
Cnet writes PayPal, eBay online payment service, has had intermittent glitches in its system since late last week and is working to fix the problems with payment processing, log-ins and new account creation, the company said Monday.
When selling something online with PayPal, there’s no monthly set up fees and no merchant account to get. You don’t even have to pay any money up front. You only pay money if you make money. These are some reasons why PayPal is so popular with smaller businesses.
PayPal should not be used by those with high volume transactions and who really need a full e-commerce web site with integrated features and a full online shopping experience.
But PayPal is a perfect solution for more simple transactions and it is feature rich.