Software vendors continue to court and tout developers

Microsoft, Intuit, IBM and many other software vendors are building armies of developers to create programs that will add enhanced functionality to their main products.
Microsoft would not be where it is today if it were not for the thousands and thousands of Windows programs available for the Windows operating system – this is one reason why Linux and maybe Apple lag behind Windows.
With this is mind Best Software announced today the immediate availability of more than 30 business management solutions from 26 ACCPAC Development Partners supporting the new ACCPAC Advantage Series(tm) version 5.3, also announced today. This wide range of business applications includes solutions for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) connectivity, advanced reporting, business analytics, cash management, Web stores, fixed asset management, bills of materials (BOMs) management, and manufacturing, among others. The community of ACCPACÆ Development Partners plays a vital role in enabling small enterprises to build out advanced business management
solutions based on the award-winning ACCPAC Advantage Series products.
“The immediate support for ACCPAC Advantage Series 5.3 is significant, and this is just the beginning,” said Garry Nishimura, ACCPAC Senior Vice President, Research and Development. “There are hundreds of other ISVs who have integrated their specialized applications with ACCPAC Advantage Series over the years, and we are actively working with a broad population of them to also bring their solutions integrated with version 5.3 to market quickly.” He added, “By involving ACCPAC Development Partners earlier in our development cycles, we are better able to speed their time to market with
their specialized add-on solutions, and help make these Development Partners
‘ready to go’ at the same time we are. This puts us collectively in a much better position to help both our existing and new mutual clients realize the immediate benefits of version 5.3 that can help their business succeed.”
By making their ‘Ready for 5.3 Commitment’, each of these initial 26 Development Partners have ensured that small enterprises can integrate their various solutions with ACCPAC Advantage Series 5.3, and know that they will be fully supported.