Sprint learns how brussel sprouts star in small business technology plans.

Warrillow and Co writes The growth of high speed internet use in the small business market has a major impact on all B2bô marketers. Whether you are a banker promoting online banking, a credit card marketer competing on electronic statement functions or a courier company winning an order based on the reliability of your online shipment tracking, the adoption of high speed internet is mission critical to your future.
The good news is that high speed internet adoption is both growing and delivering on the promised business benefits. Even better news is the small business marketing lesson all B2b marketers can learn from successful high speed internet marketers.
The Sprint/Covad study of small business owners, Users of Telecommunications at Work, found that 58% of businesses moved to broadband internet access to increase efficiency and 48% claim that they upgraded to increase productivity. More importantly, among those businesses that have already moved to high speed internet, more than 65% feel they have actually achieved increased workplace efficiency and more than 53% find their employees were more productive. 72% of business owners using high speed felt that it improved their business by providing an ability to increase the speed of tasks.
Experiencing the benefits of high speed internet access has made true believers of these business owners with 1 to 99 employees. Among current high speed users, 31% would rather live on brussel sprouts for a month than return to dial-up. And, providing support to industry trendwatchers who predict strong growth in dial-up to high speed switching this year, 42% of dial-up users would rather suffer the same punishment of living on brussel sprouts for a month than stay on dial-up.
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